Company Overview

Aloe-Aloe Horticulture is the marketer of the aloe-aloe® brand spectacular flowering aloes across Australia. The brand was formed in 2008 to launch a new range of prolific flowering hybrid aloes bred in South Africa. They have all been trialled under a range of vastly different climatic conditions internationally and across Australia. They have been selected for their versatility, longer flowering, spectacular flowering, drought tolerance and bird attraction. With its launch, aloe-aloe® set out to provide gardeners and landscapers confidence in a quality brand they can trust in hot conditions, cold conditions, dry conditions and wet conditions across the country.


To introduce these new hybrid aloes as perennials for flower beds and as flowering shrubs so as to allow Australian gardeners and birds to enjoy these flowers with little effort, care and of course little reticulated water.

Australian Operations

These aloes are grown and distributed under licence across Australia by numerous independent production nurseries including the main production centre in Queensland. We do not operate a retail nursery – For details of how to source these cultivars see for retail distributors or for wholesale distributors.

The companies head office is based in Toowong, Queensland.

Products and Breeding

Most of the aloes in the aloe-aloe collection are bred in South Africa by Leo Thamm who is recognised as one of the worlds leading aloe breeders. This hybridisation programme goes back more than 37 years and more than 8000 records of different hybrid combinations have been maintained for breeding purposes. From these 8000 combinations, through extensive trials around the world (including many parts of Australia), the poor flowering performers, the substandard colours, the plants with fungal susceptibility and the ones incapable of dealing with excess rain have all been eliminated and destroyed. What is left are 150 of the most floriferous, most colourful and best adapted (to garden conditions) aloe hybrids imaginable.

All plants are produced through vegetative propagation only to ensure that each plant is identical to the original superior plant and hybrid vigour is therefore able to be guaranteed

In March 2008 we were proud to make the initial offerings from this elite list available to Australian gardeners. There are now 34 unique cultivars available under the aloe-aloe® brand. 2015 releases were Laser Show ™ and Fireworx™. More releases will follow in future years.

Other Countries other than Australia

Certain of these aloe cultivars are marketed in South Africa as ‘Sunbird Aloes” and in the USA and Canada where they are available as “Blooming Aloe”

They are scheduled for release in other countries in due course.

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