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For new information, photos and news on these tough perennials, shrubs and trees follow us on social media platforms by clicking facebook logo   or  Instagram as these sites are constantly updated with useful information on an ongoing basis . You are also able to comment and ask us questions on gardening with aloes, planting and other aspects on an ongoing basis



In the past we have issued a number of newsletters containing information on gardening, growing and caring for aloes, hybridising, future  releases and other useful information. These appear below. However newsletters are now considered an outdated way of communicating given the power of social media which allows more regular and efficient communication.  As most of our recipients have signed up as facebook participants (and even if not they are able to view facebook content by accessing the facebook site without signing up), we have elected to discontinue these newsletters.


“Aloe-Aloe Update” Newsletter (December 2011)

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Previous Newsletters

Previously issued newsletters are able to be viewed by clicking the link below:

Newsletter #3 (April 2011)

Newsletter #2 (October 2010)

Newsletter #1 (April 2010)

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