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Apricot - Shades of the juicy fruit

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Trade name: Apricot ™
Botanical name: Aloe Hybrid 'LEO 6073'
Description: Unique apricot coloured flowers are carried on branched candelabra’s, sometimes as many as 7 during a season which can be anytime in the year but which centres on the colder months. Renowned for its long flower period, Apricot™ will have its first flower as a very young plant and will reach full flowering potential after 5 years

Plant Info

Plant Size




Slow Stemming

Suitability for potting


Height (approx. excluding flowers)



Width (approx.)



Planting Density


1 per square meter

Foliage Colour



Flower Colour



Flowering Period


Summer, Autumn
Winter, Spring (most likely colder months)

Water Requirement


Low, but plant will benefit from water in a very dry climate, particularly in summer

Attracts Wildlife

Birds (insect eaters and nectar feeding), bees, butterflies

Disease Resistance

Highly resistant to pests and disease

Soil Type


Most soil types as long as free draining but rich soil is preferred If clay soils must raise plant so that water drains away

Ability to cope with high rainfall



Light Requirement

Full sun

Frost Tolerance




- Water during Summer
- Provide fertiliser/compost in Spring
- Remove old spent flowers (not necessary)
- Remove old leaves (not necessary)

Purchase Info

There is limited availability of this rare aloe cultivar nationally
Please contact the Aloe-Aloe farm directly to source it at [email protected]

Legal notes:

™ The trademark Apricot™ is owned by Aloe-Aloe Horticulture Pty. ‘Apricot™’ is a trade name and not a cultivar name. The botanical and cultivar names of this plant are Aloe hybrid 'LEO 6073' This plant is being test marketed under section 45(6) of the Plant Breeder Rights Act,1994 until 21 March 2019 after which full protection under the Plant Breeders Rights Act is intended